Changes in the composition of the packages pcmflash. 1. Added package 61 “Kefico CPGDSH/CPEGD” designed to work on the UDS Protocol with the ECU CPGDSH2.24.1 and CPEGD2.20.1 installed on a/m Kia/Hyundai c gasoline engine 1.6 l supports reading ... View all

Alientech Update – K-Suite 2.40 В этом обновлении обратите внимание, в частности, на протокол SID208. Данный протокол позволит вам работать над автомобилями Citroen и Peugeot, которые комплектуются ЭБУ Continental SID208 с микропроцессором TC1796. Та ... View all

MAGPro2 X17 ver 12.01.00 Released! CREATED 2017-09-13 16:47:45 We released some improvement, few bugfixes and some interesting protocols, especially Pass read on ME17.8.8 as well as ME17.9.1, very important for asian market – and we simplified a lot ... View all

Changes in the composition of the packages PcmFlash 1. Added new package 59 “the Renault/Nissan UDS” designed to work with the ECU EMS3155, SID309 working on the UDS Protocol and installed in vehicles with petrol engines 1.2 l and diesel 1.5 l ... View all

Sоmetimеs this can саn be difficult that can keeр children entеrtаined on a long road triрѕ. when you notify thingѕ are lying there, a сirсumѕtаnсе will certain ... View all


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